Live Events Lineup

We are live streaming here on 3rd February. Check out the lineup below.

In Conversation with Katie Piper and Dave Chawner

Time: 9.15am – 9.45am

Details: Join mental health campaigner and comedian, Dave Chawner, as he talks mental health and wellbeing with Katie Piper.

Age: 11+

Where: here,

Brain Boost with Bow-Wowza featuring Cbeebies presenters Rebecca Keatley and Katy Ashworth

Time: 10am-10.25am

Details: Join CBeebies presenters Rebecca Keatley, Katy Ashworth and our favourite comedy canines for a LIVE lesson on gratitude and kindness.

Age: KS1 & KS2

Where: here,

Art with Hart Club

Time: 11am-11.30am

Details: A drawing activity inspired by imagined animals. All you need to take part is a pen, paper and your imagination. Suitable for children with SEND.

Age: all welcome

Where: here, 

Keep Fit for Mind and Body with Dame Kelly Holmes

Time: 11.45am-12.10pm

Details: Join Dame Kelly Holmes for a short Q&A followed by a 15 minute workout to warm up our bodies.

Age: all welcome

Where: here, 

In Conversation with the Amy Winehouse Foundation

Time: 12.30pm – 1.00pm

Details: Programme director Joe Sheerer talks about the work of the Amy Winehouse Foundation and his journey back from addiction.

Age: 14+

Where: here, 

Mindfulness with Friends from Mindful Music

Time: 1.15pm – 1.45pm

Details: Singer and songwriter Joe Holtaway, along with his chums, leads kids on a short relaxation followed by a song on mindfulness for all to join in with.

Age: all welcome

Where: here, 

Happy Tips for your Happy Space

Time: 14.15pm – 14.45pm

Details: In this video, the Happy Space team talk us through how to use their digital wellbeing guidebook at home and what their favourite tips and tools for looking after your mental wellbeing are. Also, head of marketing Char Ingle sits down with the charity’s founder, Nader Dehdashti, to learn more about Happy Space and the ingredients of the digital guidebook.

Age: 7-11

Where: here, 

Resilience with Bloom

Time: 3.00pm – 3.45pm

Details: Join the team from Mental Health UK as they introduce us to their young people’s mental health programme, Bloom. Plus, they teach us tools to help us become more resilient.

Age: 12+

Where: here, 

Teacher Wellbeing in the Current Climate by Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Time: 4pm – 5pm

Details: In order to effectively support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils, we also need to ensure that we support the mental health and wellbeing of school staff. Dr Rina Bajaj (counselling psychologist AFNCCF) and Monisha Jefcut (training manager schools team AFNCCF) will outline practical tools for promoting and supporting staff wellbeing in schools and colleges and will be framed in evidence from the cognitive behavioural model.


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How To Be Happy with The Speakmans

Time: 4.15pm – 4.45pm

Details: How to think & feel happier and calmer, and take a step outside our comfort zone with ITV’s in-house therapists, Nik and Eva Speakman.

Age: 8-16

Where: here,

#LetsGoBeyond LIVE with Katie Thistleton, Dr Radha, Ben West, Alexis Caught and Shocka

Time: 5.30pm

Age: 14+

Details: Join Katie, Radha, Ben, Shocka and Alexis as they start a national conversation about teenage mental health in 2021. The panel will share their mental health challenges, how they coped during the pandemic as well as tips they’ve picked up along the way to help manage in times of great stress. But they want to hear from YOU. Use #LetsGoBeyond on social media to be part of the conversation.

Where: here, at

Football and Mental Health with If U Care Share and Amber Stobbs, Luca Nelson, Cain Sykes, Charlie Kelman

Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Details: We explore the journey of 4 young athletes through football. The highs, the lows but most importantly using football as a voice to promote positive emotional wellbeing! Get involved in the conversation, submit your questions on socials using #LetsGoBeyond

Where: here, at

In Conversation with Kate Silverton and Dr Dickon Bevington

Time: 8pm – 9pm

Details: BBC broadcaster and journalist Kate Silverton discusses her first book, “There’s No Such Thing As Naughty”, with Dr Dickon Bevington, medical director of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. “There’s No Such Thing As Naughty” is an engaging, authentic, authoritative guide which distils decades of neuroscience down to one very simple concept to explain how children’s behaviour is shaped by their brain development and by their emotional attachment. With input from leading psychiatrists, neuroscientists and psychotherapists she explores the latest science of the ‘Stress Response’ and identifies how it can play out in the classroom, and of course at home. A mother to two young children herself, she puts children at the heart of every page and demystifies parenting for readers of any background or circumstance.


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