KS1 – Gratitude

We’ve asked Bow-Wowza to create this lesson plan which brings the theme of Gratitude to life in your primary school.

Bow-Wowza is a wellbeing world packed with hilarious talking dogs and oodles of hacks to make kids feel happy.

Created by experts in education and entertainment, the Bow-Wowza school resources provide a fun and fresh way to bring tried-and-tested wellbeing tools into the classroom. This pack helps Key Stage 1 pupils understand and practise gratitude, with the aim of creating a lasting ethos of thankfulness within your school.

  • Teacher’s Notes, explaining our activities and why gratitude is beneficial for children’s wellbeing
  • A short, funny, explanatory video
  • Handouts and creative activities
  • Lesson template
  • A downloadable gratitude meditation
  • Ideas for introducing a culture of gratitude permanently!


KS1 Lesson plan

KS1 Teachers notes

KS1 Gratitude box

KS1 Gratitude cards

KS1 Gratitude challenge

KS1 Gratitude meditation (2 mins)

KS1 Gratitude moment

KS1 Gratitude tree leaves

KS1 Thank You letter

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