KS1 – Kindness

We’ve worked together with Heads Up Kids to put together a school pack to help you bring the theme of Kindness to life in your primary school.

At the bottom of the page you can download:

  • KS1 Kindness Lesson plan
  • KS1 T-Shirt Worksheet 

The Heads Up Kids Kindness activities enable children to understand the meaning of Inside Out Day; how someone may feel differently on the inside to how they look on the outside and why kindness is so important.

The sessions aim to extend children’s emotional vocabulary, offer them an opportunity to explore and express emotions, consider ways to be kind and think about why kindness matters.

The session is written as a 30-minute lesson but the teacher can break this down into separate activities if necessary.

The session plans include adaptations for Covid-19 restrictions. If children are not in school, the worksheets are easy to print and complete at home.


KS1 Kindness Lesson plan

KS1 T-Shirt Worksheet

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