The Festival

Before Festival Day

Shortly schools will be able to book virtual sessions hosted by local mental health and wellbeing experts. Sessions on the 3rd February 2021 are available to book on a first-come, first-served basis. Each school will benefit from their own bespoke programme of sessions based on the needs of the school and its students, parents or teaching body. Our sessions hosts specialise in children and adolescents across many areas of mental health and wellbeing. They include educational psychiatrists, psychologists, school counsellors, yoga and mindfulness teachers, art therapists and much, much more.

Ahead of Festival Day, a range of downloadable lesson plans created by experts are available for all schools who sign up. We encourage schools to drive awareness for the day and engage in the subject of mental health and wellbeing in the lead up to the festival using these resources, which can also be used on Festival Day itself in classrooms.

On Festival Day

On 3rd February 2021, schools will open their virtual doors to the local health and wellbeing experts they have chosen to host sessions for their students.

To support the day and unite participants across the nation, we encourage all participants to wear an item of clothing inside out to remind us to be kind always, as you never know how someone is feeling inside.

Schools are encouraged to use the lesson plans provided, throughout Festival Day.

And Beyond

All schools participating in Now and Beyond on Inside Out Day will be given a unique opportunity to access free of charge long term resources from award-winning mental health and wellbeing educators and providers.

This expansive list of resources will cover emotional wellbeing, resilience education, mental health support, access to virtual yoga classes and much, much more.

Now and Beyond on Inside Out Day will also launch a fund to provide grants to any school who wishes to continue the mental health provisions that they have been able to experience on Festival Day, but may not have the resources to finance.

We’re crowdfunding for our grant scheme so any school or college can apply for financial support to access mental health provisions