2024 Lesson plans


The below lesson plans have been created by mental health and education experts for educators supporting young people ages 4 to 18.

Please use them to forward plan your classes for 7th February 2024.

Every resource is free of charge to make it as easy as possible to integrate mental health conversations in your classes.

Tag us @wearebey0nd #letsgobeyond or email us your thoughts. We hope you’ll find them easy to use and as valuable as we think they are!

Lesson Plans for Festival Day:

Lesson plans are available to download or view, free of charge. These materials have been developed for ages 4-18 by the most forward thinking mental health organisations in the sector. Specifically curated to equip you to address some of the most pressing issues for students’ mental health, we hope you’ll find them valuable and easy to use.

We’re fundraising so schools can bring in urgent, interim mental health provisions.