Apply for urgent mental health support for your school

If your school urgently requires mental health support for your students in the wake of the pandemic, you can apply for up to £4000 worth of mental health provision from within our community of approved and vetted providers. We’ve launched the UK’s first online database of approved mental health and wellbeing providers for young people.  It’s a one stop shop for educators searching for local provisions. Please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Please note, funds are limited. We are actively fundraising to increase the money available. Feel free to share our Crowdfunder link with your network so we can help more students.


  • Tell us why you believe the mental health of your student body has declined during the pandemic. Let us know if there are specific provisions you think would help. We may be able to provide up to £4000 worth of immediate access to mental health support from within our Now and Beyond community.
  • This is not a pre-requisite for applying for support. It's just for our records.

We’re fundraising so schools can bring in urgent, interim mental health provisions.