Educational settings FAQs

Sign up your educational setting for Now and Beyond on the 7th February 2024 here.

Once you have signed up, here is our recommended plan of action and the key dates you need to know. Save these in your calendars!

Lesson plans launch – 20th November 2023
Browse and download our lesson plans for 4-18 year olds across varied mental health related themes. The lesson plans are organised in simple, categorised folders so you can find what you need, easily.

Book online workshops – 20th November 2023
Browse and book the online workshops you want for your setting. You can book up to two workshops for your classes and/ or year groups. With the incredible demand, we want to make sure that there are enough workshops for every setting. It’s first come first serve, so save this date too!

Once you have booked a workshop, you’ll receive an automated email that includes the contact details of your workshop host and advice around what to discuss including any additional needs they may need to know about, how many students will be attending and the length of the session. The workshops will be delivered virtually via a meeting link that you as the educator will need to set up (you provide this for safeguarding purposes) and send to the workshop ahead of time.

Live broadcast lineup announced – 20th November 2023
Check out our live lineup which will be broadcasted throughout Festival Day. The lineup will include celebrity videos, engaging talks with young people around mental health and wellbeing, and there will also be something for school staff, parents and carers. Make a note of which sessions you’d like to tune into on the day.

Workshop bookings close – 2nd February 2024
We’re hoping you’ve booked your workshops by now. Don’t worry if you didn’t get what you wanted, we’ve got lesson plans and all day broadcast content for you to tap into instead.

It’s Festival Day!! – 7th February 2024


Make sure you have sent your workshop host(s) the virtual meeting link for the session ahead of time. At the time of the workshop, just click on the link at the right time.

Lesson plans

Hopefully by now you have already downloaded our free lesson plans and planned your lesson content ahead of time for your class on Festival Day. If you haven’t done this yet, you can browse and download our lesson plans here.

Live broadcast

Tune in to our live broadcasts. Head to our homepage at the start time of the event you wish to watch and you will be taken to the live stream.

Yes, all of the lesson plans and live broadcast content will be available to access the day after Festival Day (8th February 2024) in our archives. You’ll also be able to download and view content from all of our previous festivals since 2021.

All content throughout the Festival has been approved by Dr Rina Bajaj, our Clinical Lead for Now and Beyond 2024.

Our ambition is to keep the Festival entirely free for educational settings, with no barriers to access. However, we encourage all Festival participants to raise funds to support young people’s mental health by each bringing in £1 and wearing the Beyond colours (black, pink or yellow) on Festival Day. Alternately, we welcome you to create your own fundraising ideas with your students! Donations can be made here. Thank you!

We ask the settings to set up and send the meeting links to the workshop providers and also ask that a member of school staff is present in each session. It will be down to the school staff member present in the session to safeguard and ensure the children feel safe and comfortable. The workshop hosts are encouraged to cover the area of their expertise generally rather than specifically so the sessions will be more on the educational/resourceful side.

Where possible, please only book the workshops that are closest to your setting. The festival aims to establish new relationships between educational settings and mental health and wellbeing providers that can continue long term, face to face.

Typically the sessions will be 20 – 40 minutes long depending on what is most suitable for your timetable. We encourage you to speak with the host beforehand and discuss any needs you both may have, as well as confirming the specific time of the session within the one hour time slot. You could even ask the host if they would be happy to run two sessions within that hour so as to maximise the number of children who can benefit.

We’re sorry to hear that. Where possible, we ask that you only book workshops that are closest to your setting as it would take a local provision away from another setting. We are working on increasing the number of workshop providers so please check back every few days as sessions are being uploaded daily.

We’re sorry to hear that. We are working on increasing the number of workshop providers and sessions every day so please check back again as sessions are being uploaded daily.

There is still plenty of content and activities for you to participate in even if you can’t book a workshop. You can browse and pre-download our free lesson plans and tune into our live broadcasts on Festival Day. Please head to our homepage to find out more.

We’re fundraising so schools can bring in urgent, interim mental health provisions.