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Lets Go Beyond LIVE Series 2 was held during Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. We brought a variety of content to over 2000 students through our live events.
You can watch them again below.

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Emotions Meditation with Bow Wowza

Details: Do you ever feel like your emotions get the better of you?  Follow along to this ten minute meditation and find out why our emotions are like the WEATHER – sometimes there are dark clouds, but eventually the sun will always come out again. Meditation and mindfulness help our concentration and give our brains a giant boost! Brought to you by the team behind tons of award winning shows for CBBC and CBeebies. They’re old paws when it comes to content creation!

Age: KS1 & KS2

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Mental Health in Racialised Communities

Details: Join Beyond ambassador and rapper Shocka, youth board members Antonio Ferreira, Monica Leung and Kadra Abdanisir to discuss growing up in racialised communities. The panel will shed light on racism and mental health issues and address mental health stigma in minority communities. Featuring spoken word by Shocka and hosted by Alex D’Sa, head of programs at WERKIN, and an out lesbian, South Asian actress and entrepreneur.

Age: KS3+

Beyond The Hashtag

Details: In a world where you can be anything, be knowledgeable. George Taktak, founder of How Mental, one of the largest mental health communities on social media and Beyond youth board member hosts a disucussion with four key speakers  around how to cultivate kindness on social media. Speakers include Tom Gault, Public Policy Manager at Instagram, Beyond CEO Louisa Rose, 13 year old Beyond youth board member Gabriella and Vanessa Sam aka Inspiring Vanessa. This event offers a unique insight into one of the most popular platforms used by young people.

Age: 13+


Details: Founder of BAFTA winning production company Sixth Sense Media, Sallyann Keizer (she/her) hosts a panel of totally inspiring speakers including two Beyond youth board members, Jacob People (he/him) and Courtney Peet (she/her), Sidonie Bertrand Shelton (she/her), head of education at Stonewall and Hollyoaks actor Tylan Grant (he/they). Join them as they bring LGBTQ+ issues to the main stage to support the queer community and educate their non queer peers. Featuring surprise guest appearance from a Drag Race icon!

Please note, this content references relationships, mental health and suicide.

Age: KS4+

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