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The below resources were created by mental health experts for Now and Beyond 2022 and are available for KS1–4. They are all downloadable and free of charge to make it as easy as possible to facilitate conversations with young people about their mental health.

We hope you’ll find them useful and easy to roll out in your settings!

Live Stream Lineup

Throughout the day hosted a programme of live streamed sessions featuring celebrity guests and engaging topics.

Click here to watch back.

Lesson Plans from Festival Day:

Time flexible lesson plans are available to download, free of charge. Lesson plans have been developed for KS1-KS4 that focus on one of three themes: kindnessgratitude or resilience.

SEND/ASN Guidance

We want Now and Beyond to be inclusive for all. All of our live streams were captioned to make them as accessible as possible.

We also asked our friends at What Colour Is Your Dragon to produce dedicated SEND/ASN materials that will allow parents/carers and educators to support their children. WCIYD is a social and emotional learning programme. Below is a lesson plan for SEND/ASN pupils about exploring emotions using three colours.


Lesson Plan Handouts I Handouts II


Additionally, the wonderful people at OutLET: Play Resource have kindly supplied some outdoor learning activities to support children with additional needs connect with nature in a way that boosts their mental health and wellbeing. OutLET: Play Resource are passionate about the combined benefits of play, nature and the outdoors on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.



Neurodiverse friendly lesson

We are so excited to bring you this wonderful neurodiverse-friendly lesson plan about resilience by our friends at Worth-it. Worth-it is dedicated to preventing mental health problems through developing positive mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. Their workshops, programmes and resources have been developed and delivered by a team of positive psychologists and coaches. They have an experienced team of qualified coaches who deliver our young people’s workshops for schools


Lesson Plan

Bonus Activities:

Jonny Benjamin’s Glitter Jar

Jonny shows you how to make a glitter jar which represents our minds on a bad day. When we shake the jar the glitter goes wild, our thoughts and feelings whirl. But as we practice mindfulness the glitter starts to settle.


Alexis Caught’s Worry Tree

“The Worry Tree is a simple way of looking at individual issues through a yes/ no lens where we ask ourselves, can I do anything about that?”

Queer Up by Alexis Caught


Alice’s Slime Activity

Mental Health Lead Alice Moore explains neuroplasticity and our brain’s adaptability by using slime!


We’re fundraising so schools can bring in urgent, interim mental health provisions.