Materials From Now and Beyond 2021

Created by mental health experts, well-thought-out resources are available for primary and secondary schools to download, free of charge. The resources are all designed to enable young people to start talking about their mental health.

The over-arching message for the day is to be kind always. You never know how someone is feeling inside.

Assembly Materials:

The following resources have been created to introduce pupils to the Now & Beyond Festival and its themes of kindness, resilience and gratitude. These can be shown during assembly or form time.


Inside Out Day encourages as many pupils and teachers as possible to wear an item of clothing inside out as a reminder to be kind always, as you never know how someone is feeling inside – a simple premise and easy to implement.

Get your whole school involved, download our poster below and hang it up around the school to remind everyone of the upcoming date and encourage everyone to take part and get conversations about mental health started.




SEND/ASN Guidance

We want Inside Out Day to be inclusive for all, so have produced SEND/ASN guidance to advise parents on how to help prepare their child for the day. With thanks to autism specialist Helen Clarke for working with us on this.



Lesson Plans for Festival Day:

Time flexible lesson plans are available to download, free of charge. Lesson plans have been developed for KS1-KS4 that focus on one of three themes: kindnessgratitude or resilience.

Bonus Activity: Jonny Benjamin’s Glitter Jar

Jonny shows you how to make a glitter jar which represents our minds on a bad day. When we shake the jar the glitter goes wild, our thoughts and feelings whirl. But as we practice mindfulness the glitter starts to settle.

We’re fundraising so schools can bring in urgent, interim mental health provisions.